Terms & Conditions of Business

1. Carrying out your instructions
We will carry out your instructions as agreed unless there is any reason why carrying them out is simply impossible for reasons outside of our control.

2. Visit times
Whilst we try to visit at your preferred times, this may not always be possible.
Should you book more than one visit per day however, we will always ensure that a sensible time-lapse exists between visits. Route optimisation is used to reduce our carbon footprint and to keep visit costs down.

3. Winter visits & adverse weather
Visits during winter months (November to February inclusive) are an inevitable risk due to the possibility of adverse weather preventing us from attending a visit. For this reason you will be required to provide us with full details of your local emergency contact and should a circumstance arise in this respect, we will proceed as follows

a) We will make every effort to drive to your home.
b) If it is not possible to drive safely to your home, your nominated local emergency contact will be notified in order that they can attend to your pet(s).
c) No charge will be made for booked visits which we have not been able to attend.

Please note: Alternatively, you may provide us with details of how you wish us to proceed if we cannot attend a visit in such circumstances.

4. Emergencies
If any emergency arises, we will make every reasonable effort to contact you and take your instructions as to the action you wish us to take in such circumstances in your absence.

If we cannot contact you and consider that immediate action is necessary in relation to any unanticipated or emergency matter, then we shall take the action which we deem to be necessary and to be in your and/or the animal’s best interests. However, you shall not hold us responsible for any loss, inconvenience, charges incurred or indeed any similar associated matters whatsoever.

5. If you return early or your return is delayed
If your return is delayed and you need us to continue to tend to your pet(s) it is essential that you advise us of your delay. This will incur additional charges at our standard rates and these charges will be payable upon your return.

Please note: Check your travel/pet insurance policy documents, as it may be possible to claim for these costs.

If you are going to return home unexpectedly early, please give us 24hrs notice, by email.
By doing this you will avoid having to pay for unnecessary visits.
If we don't receive this notice and arrive for a visit, then you will be charged for this visit, but we will cancel any further outstanding visits.   
6. Liability for damage to pets / property
We will not be responsible or liable for any damage or injury caused to any property, person or animal by your pet(s), as you will retain such responsibility and liability during the time we are caring for your pet(s).

If you will be allowing any other person(s) access to your home during the period we will be visiting, we cannot accept liability for any damage to property or pets as a result. Please let us know if anyone else will have access to your home and also let the other person know we will be visiting too.

7. Dangerous pets & ID tag requirements
If any animal is considered by us to be a danger, liability or threat to any item, person or other animal during the period within which we are caring for them, this may prevent some of your instructions from being carried out thereafter (e.g. If in our judgment, a dog appears to be beyond reasonable control and aggressive towards others when being walked).

Further, please note that all dogs should wear a collar and ID tag with relevant information as required by law and should be microchipped.

8. Purchases requested for your return
If you require us to buy basic provisions for your return home, you will need to leave sufficient cash to cover the cost of the required goods.

We will obtain a receipt for any goods purchased in this way and both the receipt and your change will be left for you upon your return.

9. Car parking charges
If the address we must visit is in a chargeable parking area, then you will be liable for the parking charges we incur, which are payable upon your return.

We will of course provide you with the relevant parking ticket(s) if requested.

10. Payment for our services
If you choose to pay by direct bank transfer, payment is required within 21 days of the date of our invoice, which will be sent by email.

Any late payments may incur an additional charge of £7.00 per settlement request to cover further administrative costs.

11. Cancellation charges
We reserve the right to impose a charge for cancellations. This charge will be 25% of the cost of visits cancelled.

Please note: Check your travel/pet insurance policy documents, as it may be possible to claim for these costs.

12. Changes to Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to change or otherwise amend our terms & conditions without notice.

Up to date details of our terms & conditions are always available on our website.