General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The data we hold and how it is used



In order for us to provide you with our services, we will need to obtain and retain basic personal details from you, details of your requirements of us and in some cases, details of a third party emergency contact, who you authorise to make emergency decisions in your absence.


We will hold your data securely and it will be used only for the purpose of any relevant services you request us to provide.


We will also require that you confirm the data you provide to be correct and will require you to update us of any material changes, whereupon the records we hold will be updated accordingly.


As most of our clients use our services on a regular or ongoing basis, we will retain your data until you instruct us to discontinue holding it – any requests for such a discontinuance can be made by emailing us at


If you would like us to provide you with details of the data we hold which relates to you, this may be requested by emailing us at


Should you discover any of your data which is held by us to be inaccurate, you may request that we rectify it and you can do so by emailing us at


We never share your data with third parties without your instruction and consent to do so (e.g. in a case where you may need to extend the provision/scope of our services due  to travel disruption or delay and are making a relevant claim with your travel insurance provider).


Although we do not, as a rule, make unsolicited communication with clients, there may be occasions when we are of the opinion that it might be beneficial for our clients to have access to information we can provide. If you would like to be in a position to receive any such information, we will need your consent before we will be able to provide this to you and you can provide such a consent by emailing us at


If you have any general questions for us regarding the data we hold which is relevant to you, please contact us by email, at